Thriving Health Feeding Program in Viwandani's Mukuru Sinai Informal Settlment

Our holistic community development projects begin in Viwandani. An informal settlement within Nairobi’s industrial area. It holds 13 villages (Jamaica, Kingstone, Lunga Lunga Centre, Lunga Lunga Donholm, Milimani, Paradise A, B, and C, Riverside, Sinai, Sinai Reli, Tetrapak, and Uchumi) with over 100,000 residents who face issues with food security, violence, health, illegal dumpsites, and unemployment.
We call for your support in our long-term effort in helping to feed over 10,000 children of Viwandani’s 13 villages in Nairobi’s industrial area. We will begin with Mukuru Sinai where we have targeted our first 200 kids to feed before going to school this term (2 months) at a budget of Kshs 219,555.
School dropouts in the area are rising from hungry children going to school. Those who manage to go to school have issues with concentration as they lack the physical capacity to do so from hunger and malnutrition.
Giving a Viwandani child a cup of uji every morning helps prevent them from dropping out of school, helps them face the day and engage with one another, helps prevent malnutrition and hunger and promotes general happiness of the children.
Your donations will enable them to thrive in health and education.
Our partner’s on this are Viwandani Comprehensive Community Organization (VICCO). A local CBO based in Viwandani’s Mukuru Sinai.
Please donate to our cause by pressing the button below or you can send your donation via mpesa to:
PAYBILL: 7462747
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