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About Us

Conscious Kenya is a local non-profit organization based in Nairobi and established in April 2020.

The founder was inspired to action by the rising challenges of peace, poverty, environmental conservation, and climate change Kenyans face. We seek to establish a strong presence in Kenya’s informal settlements as we strive to enhance positive and progressive change through partnerships and our programs. Our values will always guide our mission. We are passionate about our work as we aim to create sustainable projects that improve people’s lives.

Conscious Kenya’s holistic community development projects begin in Viwandani. An informal settlement within Nairobi’s industrial area. It holds 13 villages (Jamaica, Kingstone, Lunga Lunga Centre, Lunga Lunga Donholm, Milimani, Paradise A, B, and C, Riverside, Sinai, Sinai Reli, Tetrapak, and Uchumi) with over 100,000 residents who face issues with food insecurity, violence, health, illegal dumpsites and unemployment.

Breaking it All Down

Together, we create life changing development projects in our targeted communities.

To improve the livelihoods of communities in Kenya’s informal settlements through holistic community development.

  • Respect for peace, the environment, life and human dignity.
  • Our actions are based on consciousness allowing us to always focus on our goals.
  • Gender and diversity in all our work; we recognize the need for our work to reflect and promote respect for gender and diversity issues.
  • Wholesomeness and Inclusivity.
  • Equality and Equity.
  • Accountability; we hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethical behavior and responsibility for our actions while maintaining integrity in our performance.
  • Embracing our community; we seek to collaborate with CBO’s, individuals, other agencies and partners in their community.
  • Good stewardship; we  demonstrate that we are a good steward of the resources bequeathed to us by donors.
1. Establish a feeding program that caters to the area’s children and elderly aged 2- 80 years.
2. Reclaim children’s playgrounds from illegal dumpsites and afforestation projects in the area.
3. Help Viwandani’s 13 villages to create and maintain a unified SACCO to enable their youth-led businesses to save and invest in various financial opportunities. A step towards Viwandani’s financial independence.
4. Launch a school fees sponsorship program and skills certification program for unemployed skilled labourers who require certification to secure employment.
5. Establishing safe houses for gender-based violence victims in the area.

Help Us Make A Difference

We rely on strong partnerships with CBOs and funding organisation, donations from individuals, grants, foundations and philanthropists to achieve our goals.

Meet Our Board

Our mission will always be guided by our values. We are passionate about our work as we aim to create sustainable projects. Meet the team taking the lead to make a difference.

Dr Fatuma Ahmed Ali


Dr Fatuma is an associate professor of International Relations at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) of the United States International University-Africa (USIU-A).

Antony Koskey


Antony Koskey is the founder and secretary of Conscious Kenya. He is a PhD candidate in International Relations at the United Stated International University-Africa (USIU-A).

Andrew Karanja


Andrew Karanja holds a Masters of Business Administration from Edith Cowan University. He has worked as a banker for 5 years in operations and over 5 years in Risk & Compliance.

Clifford Ogoda

Board Member

Clifford holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree from Monash University and has worked as a finacial analyst for credit unions, with 10 years of experience in the field. 

Agufa Semenye

Board Member

Agufa has for the past 12 years worked as a Digital Forensics Specialist, having carried out investigations in both large and small organizations, in the public and private sectors.

Yvonne Githiora

Board Member

Yvonne is a PhD student in the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences and a research fellow on the Future African Savannas (AFAS) project at the University of Nairobi.