Antony Koskey


Antony Koskey is the founder and secretary of Conscious Kenya. He is a PhD candidate in International Relations at the United States
International University-Africa (USIU-A). During his extensive doctoral research he got exposed to literature from various African scholars that highlighted the numerous challenges faced by African countries. 

This brought his attention to focus on the Kenyan scenario, and what he felt was a challenge that he could tackle and improve people’s lives. It was at this point, that he focused on solving issues of peace, the environment and livelihoods through Conscious Kenya’s projects.

He also holds a Master degree in International Relations from the University of Nicosia-Cyprus and Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the United States International University-Africa (USIU-A). He is passionate about International Relations because it has enabled him to better understand how the world works, and offers insight on how to resolve some of the challenges it faces. Antony has a dynamic work experience in food security that has enabled him to interact with a wide variety of Kenyan’s from different parts of the

It is his hope that Conscious Kenya brings about the positive and progressive change needed for Kenyan’s to thrive. We can, and therefore we will.